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You may be asking how I came up with the name of this clinic. The following paragraphs contain the explanation for the portion of the name, "Zena Area," but first I want to show you my vision of what this clinic could represent.  
Starting with the word "Clinic," if you look at the information found by selecting the Services tab above, you'll find I discuss my approach to my role as your doctor.  My staff and I want to help take care of your medical needs in this manner.  To adequately help you with your health, we need to understand your historical context - how grew up in your family and what family traditions mean to you.
The "Clinic" building and land itself can also be a place of remembrance of the historical setting of the area it is located within.  A place where we honor all the communities that now make up the "Zena Area."  It could be a place where patients and other community members gather to share meals and learn to cook foods that are healthier for us but still fall within our traditions.  I can even see having Zena Area Community holiday celebrations on the Clinic's land.  
Although the "Clinic" building or land doesn't yet exist, it is planned for somewhere on US Hwy 59 near its junction with OK Hwy 127.  For now, at this initial stage, the clinic will be at New Hope Baptist Church, which is about a mile south of that junction along Highway 59.  My plan is for any profits from the practice to be used to obtain our permanent location.
In using the word "Community" I envision being inclusive not exclusive.  I envision reaching out to everyone who lives between Grove and Jay in what I call the "Zena Area," but also all those in the surrounding countryside and those towns and others: the entire Grand Lake region and far northeast part of Oklahoma.  The "Community" referred to is not limited by geography.
Since moving here in 2012, my home has been in "Zena" on Facebook.  Geographically a small community that used to be a town and have a school, Zena continues to have a community center and cemetery as well as an excellent volunteer fire department.  The above mentioned junction of US Hwy 59 & OK Hwy 127 is called the  "Zena Turnoff," by most and is about halfway between Grove and Jay.  But the actual community of Zena is several miles to the west of that turnoff, along Hwy 127.  
Those of us that live out past the small community of Zena, turn off Hwy 127 to go north at the "Zena-T" or turn right at the stop sign and continue south on Hwy 127.  Either direction, we wind our way farther in.  In most cases the roads end at Grand Lake, though Hwy 127 hooks back in to Jay farther south.  Some of us pass by the sites of other small communities, that were thriving at one time, in what is now simply called Zena by most residents.  Some of these other communities still have a school house to remember those days but others are just a memory.  I'm using the term "Zena Area" to be inclusive of all these other communities as well and my plan is decorate the walls of the clinic with old photographs of those folks of bygone years and their buildings.  
Some communities historically go back even farther, to a time when there were homes and villages in the valleys of what is now the Grand Lake.  In 1939, the archaeology department of OU excavated some of those sites, before the lake filled in.  The artifacts, found along Grand River and Honey Creek were said to be similar to those of a peoples who lived up to 2000 years old in Missouri and I hope to locate photos of these artifacts for the clinic walls.  With the forced relocation of many Peoples to the area in the 1800's, more modern settlements in the "Zena Area" may have existed but are not well referenced in the Encyclopedia of the Oklahoma Historical Society's section on Delaware County. 
Throughout my 23 years of being a doctor, I have cared for the very young, the very old, and all ages in between.  My hope is that while I am a doctor at this clinic, I will have many patients who are the very old - some of the remaining elders of all the many families in this area - who may have information passed down through their families, of how it was to live in this area this past 100+ years.  That information may also be represented on the walls of the clinic. 
My final hope and purpose in setting up this clinic is for it to represent a community going forwards as demonstrated by what happens at this clinic, and within this community,  and how we relate to each other from now on.

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